Just Do It

We admit it. We’re implementation wonks. Give us a problem, tell us the parameters, and then get out of our way while we Just Do It. Which is the point to the Backup Ribbon Project. We’re here to Just Do It and get as many other people as possible to Do It as well.

That being said, there are so many ways to Do It. We are but one.

Here’s the thing. Quit wasting your time and energy on how that person over there is doing it wrong. Why? Because, bottom line, they are Just Doing It. Digging in and rooting out the problem of harassment.

Maybe you take a ribbon from us. Maybe you sign on board with Jim Hines’ sexual harassment policy. Maybe you hand out red/yellow anti-creeper cards. Maybe you take Captain Awkward’s advice and give that creeper the boot from your social circle. Maybe you help craft anti-harassment policies for your local con (better you than us, as we are not policy wonks). Maybe you talk to your kids, because ghods know we ain’t gettin’ any younger and somebody has got to carry on this fight when we are six feet under. Or maybe you come up with your own amazing, crazy, wacky way to fight harassment.

The point being that, rather than telling us, or Jim Hines, or Captain Awkward that we are doing it wrong or — worse yet — that we “can do better,” focus on what you can do. When those who are ostensibly supposed to be allies pick apart how to do things, it becomes divisive, unproductive, and ultimately serves the interest of the status quo.

We are all Just Doing It. How we do it (or really, even why we do it) is immaterial. We’re here. We are doing something. And we are not going away.




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