Dragon*Con’s statement regarding Backup Ribbons is here.

Our response on the Livejournal page:

Just to be clear — as per discussion with the Dragon*Con concom, this post will be linked on the Backup Ribbon Project website, as well as on its Twitter feed. We feel it is only fair to Dragon*Con attendees why may have ribbons to know the concom’s position on on this. At this point, to our understanding, Dragon*Con will NOT be imposing sanctions on those who wear or distribute Backup Ribbons, nor will the ribbons be confiscated.

The Backup Ribbon Project, after discussion with the Dragon*Con concom, will NOT be targeting its message to any specific con/event. In essence, if you feel there is a need for ribbons at an event, that is all we care about. We do not ask for what event and we do not track that information.

While we appreciate the concerns of the Dragon*Con concom, we believe the value of making the Backup Ribbon Project accessible to as many people as possible outweighs the possible risk of a few bad apples. We are certainly open to discussion on this matter, via our website.

We would also ask that if there is an unfortunate incident of somebody with a Backup Ribbon taking advantage of the situation to please let us know.

Our goal in this is NOT to replace the con’s security efforts, but merely to add to it and give fans a way to help each other out.

Thank you!

The Backup Ribbon Project

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