Links for your perusal

First up, we have the very talented Adam P. Knave on the need to be a decent human being (speaking of, buy that man’s comics!).

The Lost Daughter has some general thoughts on con security.

And finally Brad Smith has a report back from his first visit to Dragon*Con, including his awesome DIY Backup Button Project. We’re all about the DIY here at the Backup Ribbon Project, so rock on with your badass Backup Button Maker self, Brad!

We’re putting out the call now for anybody who wants ribbons/cards/stickers for upcoming cons, now that fall is in the air (although it sure doesn’t feel like it here near the corner of Pico and Sepulveda in Sunny SoCal!).

And, of course, we’re continuing to ask for donations. We’re almost cleaned out of the most recent batch of ribbons (down to 30), so we need to stock up again now that the big push of Labor Day cons is over and done.

Speaking of that — how DID your Labor Day con goodness go? Let us know!





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