Rattling the Tin Cup

OK, let’s talk finances here. We here at the Backup Ribbon Project know that money is tight for everyone. Certainly since one of us is looking for work (and if you happen to need a nonfiction writer/editor, you can contact us via e-mail), we know that times are tough.

That being said, we are taking a minute to rattle the tin cup for our cause. We have a ChipIn donation drive running now that ends on Sept. 29. We are currently halfway to our goal to cover printing and postage costs for the next batch of ribbons, along with the Backup Ribbon Project cards and stickers. (Yes, stickers! Because who doesn’t love stickers??)

Please note that the only overhead we have is when we reach overhead to the top shelf to pull down the box containing the ribbons, cards, and stickers. All the donations go toward printing and shipping costs.

We love all the positive feedback we get for this crazy little project. Really. It gives us a warm glow deep in the depths of our blackened, cynical hearts to know that indeed, geeks do care about each other. So please, help us keep that glow burning.

Peace, out.


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