Petition to keep admitted rapist out of a MLP con

First off, park your Brony jokes outside. When we say no judgment, that includes the fandom.

Please take a moment to go look at this petition regarding an admitted rapist who has applied for security positions at cons in the past. Somebody with a record such as this has NO BUSINESS being in any position of authority — and particularly security — at a con.

If you think that a Backup Ribbon somehow gives you authority to do as you please, that’s nothing compared to having a Con Security ribbon.

Thanks for your time!


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2 Responses to Petition to keep admitted rapist out of a MLP con

  1. Pau Amma says:

    Con security??? *jawdrop*

    • DelveBlue says:

      That was my thought. Holy moley, we live in bizarro land if organizers think it’s appropriate to let an admitted rapist onto their security team.

      Luckily, the organizer has decided to ban him after all! Yay, petitions.

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