Ribbons On the Way!

Well, it appears that Backup Ribbon business has picked up again! This great article by Karina Cooper mentioned us, and now our inbox is flooded with requests for ribbons!

So a few tips:

  • New ribbons, cards, and stickers should be here in a week (around June 27).  If you need them for a specific event, please let us know ASAP, so that we can put your request to the head of the queue.
  • Please include your mailing address, as well as how many bunches you wish to order (ribbons go out in bunches of 10). This saves us having to email you back asking for your address.
  • We do not charge for ribbons, but we will gratefully accept donations via Paypal. Use the same email as you would to request ribbons.
  • Cards and stickers are also included with your ribbons. We ask that you be kind to your event space (and your fellow attendees) and NOT slap stickers where they ought not be. This includes walls, windows, elevators, and doors. This also includes people, unless they have agreed to wear a sticker.

And so there you have it. We are, apparently, back in business. So go ye forth and Backup your fellow geeks.



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1 Response to Ribbons On the Way!

  1. That’s great to hear. I already know two regular local congoers, both very good friends of mine, who will be contacting you about ribbons. They’re as disgusted as we are, and want to stand up as well.

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