Pardon our construction!

We’re expanding!

We now have a Facebook page and a Tumblr page. Because that’s where all the cool kids are, and we like hanging with the cool kids. Pinterest may soon follow for people to share pics of their Backup Ribbons!

So if you get multiple posts, please bear with us while we test our connectivity (yay, a Cool Kid Word).

As always, we love your support!

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1 Response to Pardon our construction!

  1. Simone Oech says:


    I came across your site thru a mention by a “circled” person in G+ (Chris Brecheen- blogger). You “do” Facebook, please consider establishing a presence in G+. The important part is that it needs tending. You cannot simply publish a Post and expect that people will “cirlce” ie, want to look at more or express interest. The important part in G+ is engaging, engaging, engaging. It is a bit of work
    The advantage is, you can reach a large number of Active people, people who engage back. Who are interested, not simply “clicktavists”.
    I think it would be awesome to have the presence of the “Backup Ribbon” Project at G+. And perhaps it will create spinnoffs. Spread to other countries. Create more ideas of how we *all* can help each other to feel and be safer.

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