Even MORE Construction!

We’ve been busy busy busy here at the Backup Ribbon Project. In addition to Facebook and Tumblr, we’ve now also got a presence on Pinterest for people to share pics of their Backup Ribbons. We’d love to see a Stormtrooper with a Backup Ribbon!

Also, the Backup Ribbon stickers are on their way to us. Now all we need are the Backup Ribbons, and we can start mailing them out. Drop us a line if you want ribbons, with your mailing addy and how many bunches you want (they go out in bunches of 10). Need them for a particular event? Let us know in advance. Give us about a week lead time.

Finally — and this has us REALLY excited — we are working on partnering with the kick-ass team over at Cosplay is Not Consent. They are amazing and we are looking forward to working with them to get the word out!


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