Open Sourcing Backup Ribbons

We’ve had a couple of questions land in our inbox about whether or not people can make up their own ribbons or buttons. We completely support anybody who wants to make their own ribbons or buttons (we are all about Open Source here at the Backup Ribbon Project).

We only ask a few things:

  • The ribbons should say BACKUP (one word) in nice large friendly letters.
  • We chose purple because it stands out, so we would ask that to be the standard color for the ribbons and buttons.
  • If possible, we’d like the URL to be added ( If there’s not enough room, you can use our Twitter account (@backupribbon). So long as it provides a way for people to find us online.
  • Let us see what you made on our Pinterest page!

Finally, the stickers have arrived:






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2 Responses to Open Sourcing Backup Ribbons

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  2. The -problem, as I found out at Arisia is that purple doesn’t actually stand out. If there are a dozen ribbons on a badge we are fen, and *fen* like purple. A lot. I am not even a ribbon collecting type, and once I had my official ribbons on (staff, program participant, area head, promotions (the area I am in charge of), I already had a long ass strip. Silver is almost impossible to read from a foot away. The end result was unless people were told (repeatedly) what ribbon they were looking for, it was sort of useless for people to spot you. I want to source an actual run next year, but I really think the ribbons need MUCH contrastier colours that were chosen.

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