Changes to the Backup Ribbon Project

So we learned a few things during this process.

Thing the First: Wow, ribbons go fast! We are down to just 20 ribbons out of 500, and this was just from the first day. So, in order to keep up with demand, we are changing our donation policy somewhat. We are now putting in place a suggested donation of $10. What does this mean?

  • If you donate $10, you get ribbons.
  • If you donate $100 you get ribbons.
  • If you donate $1,000, you get ribbons and our undying affection and love.

See, isn’t that just a win-win for everyone?

Thing the Second: We love getting emails that say “Oh, I love your project! Can I have 100 ribbons?” Unfortunately, as we are but an army of two (we just sound bigger on the Internet), this leaves us with a dilemma. We are glad to give you 100 ribbons, but it leaves us a bit short to fulfill other requests. So, we are changing the distribution rules to say that if you want more than 50 ribbons, we would ask for you to source your own printer to make ribbons. Here’s how you do it! We can also provide you the graphic files if you want to make up your own cards and stickers. This allows both us and you to spread around the Backup Ribbon love. Again, a win-win for everyone!

Thing the Third: We love knowing the Backup Ribbons are out there. Do you have any pics of yourself wearing a ribbon or handing them out? Pin ’em to our Pinterest board.

Thing the Last: We have 20 ribbons left. Now, they can either sit in that big box, all sad and lonely, or they can go forth into the world and proclaim that you are willing to be Backup. So here’s how this works: The first FOUR people who email us, will get a batch of five ribbons. Here’s the catch: You must be going to that little shindig down San Diego way to get the ribbons. Easy, peasy, right?

As always, we appreciate your patience with us. It’s a process, like many other things.


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2 Responses to Changes to the Backup Ribbon Project

  1. Diana says:

    I am assuming that these 20 ribbons are gone? 🙂

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