More Ribbons!

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to our most recent batch of ribbons (See: Almost all gone on the first day), we have just now placed an order for an additional 500. They *should* be here right around the first of August, just in time for your geeky Labor Day activities. Here’s how to order!


Some of you may be getting your Labor Day geek on at a little shindig down in Atlanta. If you are, you NEED to read this first. Yes, including all the links. Anybody who wishes to discuss this more in detail can do so by sending us an email.


Whew…OK, now that we’ve gotten that little bit of business out of the way, we can carry on.

We’ve hooked up with the lovely folk behind Searching for Superwomen. You can read what we have to say about the Backup Ribbon Project here. We’re hoping to be able to contribute on a semi-regular basis.

We also got interviewed by Amanda Taub over at Wronging Rights. She’s working on a project that examines grassroots responses to restrictions on women participating in public life. Let’s face it, we are about as grassroots as it gets.

Finally, it looks to be an almost certainty that we will be at Geek Girl Con in October up in that lovely land of the Ent trees known as Seattle. We will be participating in a panel with the lovely Donna Prior (aka Danicia de Lontra) on inclusive communities. Because we’re very inclusive. And a community. Right?

So…TONS of stuff coming up here at the Backup Ribbon Project! None of which could happen without all of you.



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