Ribbons Going Out and Other Nifty News


Here’s the latest batch, all ready to roll out the door tomorrow! We are now down to this:


That’s now 140 ribbons left out of 500. Plus about 300 cards. The stickers are all gone (reordering soon). We are proud to say that we are now officially on THREE continents, thanks to a batch going all the way Down Under to Australia.

Again, we remind you to be kind to your event space and your fellow attendees. Do NOT slap stickers where they ought not be — and that includes on anybody who has not agreed to wear said sticker.

So there is still time to get your ribbon orders in. And of course, we would love you to pin your Backup Ribbon pics.

In other good news, we were very pleased to get a peek at Dragon*Con’s brand new harassment policy. Given that their previous harassment policy consisted of “don’t be a jerk,” this is a major step in the right direction. This seems to be the boilerplate policy that many cons are now following, and it is a good one.

Which leads us to ask, along with The Mary Sue, where is Comic-Con International’s harassment policy? We would really like to see Comic-Con step up to the plate on this.

Finally, we can now announce that we are soon to be interviewed on the Internet SF radio show, Krypton Radio. More on that closer to the air date.

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