Radio Interview, GenCon Wrapup, and PAX Prime

Whew – we are finally getting a chance to catch our breath before moving on!

Up first: It’s now official. We are to be interviewed on Krypton Radio this coming week. Along with Dr. Rebecca Housel, we will be discussing con safety, harassment, and anti-harassment policies. We are more than a bit excited to have been given this opportunity, and will let y’all know when it airs. Please tune in, and also check out some of Krypton’s other offerings.

Next up is a cool wrap-up of one woman’s experience at GenCon with the Backup Ribbons. Actually, the entire Tumblr site is really great if you want to understand just what it is like to be a woman at a geek event.

We also will have Backup Ribbons at PAX Prime, thanks to our fabulous Social Media Wench, Danicia de Lontra, aka Donna Prior. She will have a whole mess o’ Backup Ribbons and cards with her at the con, so find her (she’s kinda hard to miss), and hit her up!

Last (but certainly not least), we have about 70 Backup Ribbons left in this current batch. Here’s how to order your very own!

Goodness, there’s quite a bit a’brewing here at the Backup Ribbon Project. Stay tuned for more, including stickers, t-shirts, and a quest to get Backup Ribbons to Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day.

As always, keep calm and Backup!


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