Coming Home: Geek Girl Con 2013

(Most of our blog posts are done in plural, because they repreent all of us here at the Backup Ribbon Project. This one is not. For reasons.)

So, yeah, Geek Girl Con. Our fabulous social media guru, Danicia, had gotten us on a panel to talk about building inclusive gaming communities. It was also going to provide a great venue for talking more about the Backup Ribbon Project. There was also beer, and a chance to hang with Danicia and some of my Pacific Northwest friends.

I have always had a bit of an ambivalent relationship with large chunks of the geek community at home. I’ve often felt as though I am…tolerated…but that I do not actually belong.

IAt Geek Girl Con,  found myself connecting with random people with whom I was standing in line  to wait for a panel. People told me their stories, asked for ribbons, and gave me their contact information. It was, in a word, overwhelming to see an entire con — including the staff and con com — committed to making geek spaces accessible for all.

I met a woman who runs the fabulous Feminist Sonar site, dedicated to discussing disability issues within feminist and geek communities. We swapped stories over some amazing pumpkin stout (I did say there would be beer, right?).

I met the two women behind the equally fabulous Have You Nerd website for Nerdistas (I may have to appropriate name that for myself). They were even kind enough to give the Backup Ribbon Project a shout out in their writeup. And they want to do an interview about the Project.

Danicia finally got me to do a gaming demo for her company. My initial experience with gaming in high school was so off-putting, I never went back to it. But yep, there I was, character sheet in one hand and a set of dice in the other.

I ended up sharing a table at lunch with an English professor who got interested in the geek community because she realized her students were having difficulty analyzing the assigned books in class, yet could apply those same critical skills to discuss gender dynamics in Dr. Who.

And that is just a sample of the random, silly, serious, and just altogether amazing conversations I had at the con. In two days at Geek Girl Con, I felt more a part of the geek community than I have in more than 20 years of geekdom.

I had finally come HOME to the geek community. Yeah, just a little bit verklempt over here. Talk among yourselves.

PS. New batch of ribbons in, and ready for whomever wants ’em.


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