A Followup to Slave Leo

Faithful readers may recall our discussion of a guy who decided to cosplay as “Slave Leo.” At the time, he had not yet worn the costume to any events.

He has now written a followup article about spending a year wearing his creation to a number of events, including the Slave Leia photo shoot event at Dragon*Con.   It is quite thought=provoking and very much worth the read.

It also stands as a reminder as to why we are adamant about backup being available to anyone. Although it is sadly true that the majority of instances will involve women as the target, that does not excuse refusing to help others who may need it.

We have said it before, but will say it again. We don’t care about gender, sex, sexual orientation or presentation. If you have a Backup Ribbon, you will do whatever you can to help that person.

No judgment. No exceptions. We got your back.


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