On a More Technical Note

We will be at Loscon on Saturday, Nov. 30. Look for the person carrying the box festooned with our Keep Calm and Backup stickers. We have ribbons, cards and stickers to give out. We ask a few things  things:

  1. We know fans love ribbons. We have seen you wandering the halls, wearing your trail of ribbons like a Tom Baker scarf. We love ribbons as well. But please don’t just take a Backup Ribbon to add to your ever-growing collection unless you are ready to provide backup for your fellow con attendees.
  2. If you hand out ribbons, cards, or stickers, please take a few minutes to explain the Backup Ribbon Project. Again, this ensures that people who have Backup Ribbons know what they signify.
  3. Be kind to the event space. Don’t slap stickers on doors, walls, elevators or any other part of the event space.We like having good relations with event space staff. Making them have to scrape stickers off the event space is not conducive to a good working relationship.
  4. By the same token, do not slap a sticker on anybody else without their permission. If that person from the 501st wants to sport a sticker on their helmet, rock on with that. But don’t slap it on there without permission This goes double for their backside.
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