Link Roundup Time!

First up, Slave Leo is back again with a post on his reaction to being groped while crossplaying as Slave Princiess Leia. He has some interesting insights on how he felt compared to how women in that costume may feel.

Next up is an interesting TED talk on a mobile phone app to provide backup between college students. We think this app has possibilities beyond just colleges as a means to help out in a bad situation anywhere.

We now move on to  a summary on The Mary Sue of a female comic book creator recounting a very uncomfortable panel experience at Long Beach Comic-Con. It is worth taking the time to follow the link to MariNaomi’s original article on xoJane, as well as Scott Lobell’s apology. Frankly, we are getting more than a bit tired of “I’m sorry you did not get my humor” being passed off as a sincere apology.  How about instead not using your outside voice to tell someone you barely know that you find the color of their lipstick sexually distracting?

And now we have PAX, which has a rather problematic history when it comes to harassment. Kotaku reports that for next year, they will be having “diversity lounges” apart from the rest of the event. Which sounds great…except how about including it as part of the main event? Thoughts? Suggestions? Our marvelous social media wench, Danicia, is very involved with PAX and would love to hear your suggestions!

And to end on a more positive note, we turn to a recent blog post from one of the leading voices in the geek community, Wil Wheaton, on being bullied as a child. As always, Wheaton is thoughtful and perceptive about the problem of bullying and what might be done about it. We NEED to find a way to get a Backup Ribbon into his hands. Can you guys help out?

And that’s all the links fit to print from the Backup Ribbon Project. We have tons of ribbons, cards, and stickers in, so just drop us a line if you want some!

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