What Do April Showers Bring?

Why more Backup Ribbons, of course! They are set to drop around the end of March/beginning of April (no foolin’!). Details for how to order yours can be found here.

Ribbons go out in the order they are requested. HOWEVER, if you want them for a specific event, please let us know, including the dates, so that we may give you a Fast Pass to get to the head of the queue.

As always, we gratefully accept donations. The suggested donation is $10. Use the same mailing address to request ribbons to send donations via Paypal.

In other news, we are gearing up to pitch a panel to Geek Girl Con about harassment/backup at geek events. It will feature 2/3 of the Backup Ribbon Project team, along with a great friend who will be repping for  Cosplay is Not Consent. We are very excited and hope it gets accepted. More on that as events happen.

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