So that happened…

[EDIT: OMGOMGOMG — HE RESPONDED!!!!! Doesn’t think it would be a good format fit for the show, BUT HE SAID HE LOVES US!!!!!!]

We are currently flailing about inside our head like Kermit the Frog after shotgunning a large coffee with four shots of espresso. Why,  you ask? Well it all started with this post by Wil Wheaton on his blog.  Which led to us having a combination of voices inside our head telling us “OMG, wouldn’t it be SO COOL to somehow get the Backup Ribbon Project featured on this??!!??!!” along with “OMG, we are going to look like TOTAL FANDORKS!!!”

Two cups of coffee later, we decided that potentially looking like TOTAL FANDORKS might be worth the risk of leaving a comment to his post about the show. So we did.

We will now commence obsessively refreshing the page to see if the comment was accepted in the moderation queue and whether or not he responds.

So yeah, that happened.

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2 Responses to So that happened…

  1. Peggy says:

    I seen your comment on Wil Wheaton’s post, and I just wanted to say you’re doing such an awesome thing!! Also, if anyone else is like me… Maybe you’ll get some more traffic out of it! (I was looking through comments looking for Wil’s replies then reading the comment he was replying to lol)

    • thatwordgrrl says:

      Thanks so much! We love what Wheaton has to say about making the geek community more inclusive, so are just tickled pink that he likes what we are doing, even if we would not be a good fit for the show. 🙂

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