The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: Our panel at Clockwork Alchemy went off beautifully! Given that harassment can be a very sensitive topic, it was great that everyone had good comments, suggestions, and questions. Thanks so much to my fellow panelists, as well as audience members. Your continued support is what keeps us going.

The Good: If you will be at Phoenix Comic-Con on June 5-8, the wonderful Jamie Wyman Reddy has got your back. We must think of an awesome prize to anyone who gets a ribbon to Nathan Fillion, Bruce Campbell, or John Barrowman! Of course, pics or it never happened!

The Bad: That we did not have more time at Clockwork Alchemy to chat with people and attend panels. Perhaps next year.

The Ugly: We are saddened at the events that unfolded at UCSB mere hours after our panel at Clockwork Alchemy. The tragedy strengthens our commitment to the notion that everyone should have backup when they need it. Once again, we care not your gender, orientation, sex, or presentation. You want us, we will be there.

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