FLASHCONTEST!!! Attn: Phoenix Comic Con Attendees

So real quick-like for anybody attending Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend. The fabulous Jamie Wyman Reddy open-sourced about 150 Backup Ribbons and has them with her at Booth 2432. If you get Backup Ribbons either from her or us and get one to a pro guest, we will have a nifty prize for you.

Here are the rules:

1. Pic or it never happened. It must consist of a pro either holding or wearing a Backup Ribbon. You can put it in comments here, tweet it (be sure to tag us @backupribbon), pin it, or Facebook it.

2. No tagging pros (or anybody, really) without their express consent and understanding. Yes means yes, people!

3. Nope, that about covers it.

Ready? Set? GO!!!!

(Bigger post coming soon about that whole San Diego Comic-Con “if we have a real anti-harassment policy it might make people think we have a problem with harassment” debacle!)

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