All Geekiness is Created Equal

We have seen this cartoon from the Oatmeal popping up in regard to the World Cup. Given that one of us lives in Southern California, we are quite well acquainted with the peculiar frenzy that is the World Cup. Add to that the recent Stanley Cup win by the Kings, and there is a whole lotta sports-related whoopin’ and hollerin’ going on in these parts.

And yanno what? Unlike the Oatmeal, we love it, even though we are not hockey or futbol fans per se. Although, we love watching futbol with either Spanish or Italian commentators, because they just have so much fun with it. Who doesn’t want to yell out GOOOAAAALLLL!!! at the top of their lungs?

Here’s the thing. All those people crowded into bars to watch the latest World Cup showdown between Mexico and Croatia or the double-overtime clincher game for the Kings? They are doing their geeky thing, just like those of us who do cosplay, or game, or make music. It’s all about that thing you passionately love and not being the least bit afraid to let your geek freak flag fly.

You cannot tell me with a straight face that fantasy football is not less than six degrees of separation from D&D. Or that people who obsessively follow the baseball stats of their favorite players are that far off from gamers who calculate the best strategy to beat an opponent. It all stems from the love of That Thing, whatever it might be.

And really, so what if the Internet is flooded with Google Doodles referring to the World Cup or the #gokings hashtag is trending on Twitter? How does that take away from your geeky thing, whatever it might be?

It’s all geeky. And it’s all good.

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