Almost Out of Ribbons and Further News

First, we just sent a large batch of Backup Ribbons off to our Social Media Wench of Fabulousness, Danicia. If you will be at Gencon or PAX Prime, hit her up for ribbons! Look for her in the Diversity Lounge at PAX Prime.

Second, due to a happy set of circumstances, we are pleased to announce that renown SF author and screenwriter Steven Barnes not only pledged his support for the Backup Ribbon Project, but also asked for ribbons. He intends to wear one at any cons to which he is invited as a guest. We had a lovely, if brief, chat with him about the importance of men setting a good example at events.

Finally, as a result of Thing the First and Thing the Second, we are down to a mere 35 ribbons. More will be ordered this week. Sadly, there is no possible way to get out the remaining ribbons at SDCC.

However, we are working on some Top Sekrit Plans for an event this fall, so stay tuned!

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