Radio Interview and Possible Exciting New Project

First off, our fine friends over at Krypton Radio will be airing our interview Saturday, Aug. 23 at 9 pm. We will be chatting about harassment and con culture in the wake of recent events at San Diego Comic-Con. Come to think of it, you should just listen to Krypton Radio regardless, as they do all sorts of nifty SF/geek oriented shows.

In other news, our friends over at The Mary Sue are partnering with New York Comic-Con to draft an anti-harassment policy. They are currently taking nominees to help them with this undertaking. We have been nominated and should hear by Sunday the 24th if we made the cut. We’ve spent the last several years bitching about what is wrong with harassment at cons. So now, we get a chance to put our money where our admittedly loud mouths are.

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