We Would Like to Thank the Academy…

OK, we can now talk about the Sooper Sekrit Projekt of which we were part. The Mary Sue put out a call for participants to help New York Comic-Con craft a new anti-harassment policy. We were asked to participate. An hour of squinting at a teeny-tiny Skype text screen later, and we had hammered out the beginnings of a policy. Well, now it has been let loose into the world. The Mary Sue has a nice write-up of the final policy.

Back in the early days of the Backup Ribbon Project, we felt as though nobody else cared about creating inclusive and safe geek spaces. The fannish culture in our hometown reinforced this feeling.

Getting from there to where we are now has been scary and gratifying all at the same time. And none of it would have happened without you guys. Taking ribbons. Retweeting. Facebook sharing. Talking about the Project.

So we would like to thank all of you. We are (and probably will continue to be) gobsmacked at what our crazy little “what if…” idea has done.  Every time we think that the Project has run its course, something bigger and better comes along.

Who knows what’s next?

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4 Responses to We Would Like to Thank the Academy…

  1. scribblegurl says:

    Hey, just thought you should know, John Scalzi just wrote an entire blog piece about the policy you helped craft! http://whatever.scalzi.com/2014/10/10/a-note-on-new-york-comic-cons-anti-harassment-policy/

  2. scribblegurl says:

    P.S. AND called out SDCC for NOT having the same policy. 🙂

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