Home is Where the Geeky Heart is

We have accomplished so much with this project, some of which was beyond our wildest expectations. We got the Wil Wheaton Okie-Dokie Stamp of Approval. We got to help craft an anti-harassment policy for the second biggest Comic-Con in the country. We’ve been interviewed on the radio not once, but twice. Every bit of it has been wonderful.

But there has always been something missing — something we wanted to accomplish, but were not able to. Until now. We will be doing our Geeks Got Your Back panel at our “home con,” LosCon, over Thanksgiving weekend.

It has always made us a bit sad that we could get cons in other cities excited and enthusiastic about what we are trying to do, but we couldn’t get anywhere at home. And when fans elsewhere stared at us in disbelief, we had to explain that in many ways, those who ran LosCon were dinosaurs who refused anything that was new-fangled or had not become a tradition (meaning that it had been done at least three times previously).

This year, however, thanks to the monumental efforts of some of the younger fans, the wheels 0f progress are slowly grinding forward. And we are excited to be part of that progress.

We hope to see those wheels turning just a little bit faster with each successive con.

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