Proof of Concept

I spend a great deal of time chatting up Backup Ribbon Project at con panels. Which I love doing. I get to hear your thoughts and concerns, as well as your stories, either as somebody who needed backup and got it, or as somebody assisting another con attendee in trouble. These stories remind me that all of the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into this nutty little concept are worth it.

This year, I have a new story to add. It’s pretty basic, but reminded me even more strongly of my commitment to what I do here. I was at a crowded room party at my local con when I heard my name being urgently called by somebody out in the hallway. When I went out, I found a friend of mine (who had called me out), who had another woman with her who was in need of some help from another drunk attendee. Without going into detail, my friend and I were able to get her the help she needed.

Why is this remarkable? I mean, after all, the incident that sparked Backup Ribbon Project in the first place was much more blatant. Because I had been very frustrated with the lack of effort on the part of the organization putting on the con at implementing a workable anti-harassment policy. I was all ready to simply have this be my last year there.

And then I heard my friend calling me out of a party to help provide backup. In that instant, I realized that I cannot turn my back on other attendees at this con. If I am to continue giving out ribbons and talking about providing backup, I must be willing to step up to the plate when it is my turn to help out.

In short — this nutty concept of mine passed the proof of concept test with flying colors.


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