Give a Little Love


Goodness, things are getting busy here! Not only did we add a new con to our circuit, we’re looking at adding a couple more to our roster, so it will be exciting to meet new people and talk with them about strategies to look out for each other as we embark on this new con season.

This does mean, however, that we will need to be replenishing our stock of ribbons, cards and stickers. Which means…yep, you guessed it…time for another fundraiser (we promise to try to be less annoying than those PBS pledge drives). Last year we had success with raising $500. This year, we are being somewhat more ambitious and hope to double that amount.

If you want to help out, click here to go to our fundraising site. In return, we will love you forever and bake you Schadenfreude pies. OK, maybe not the pies part…but we will love ya. Give us a little love back, yeah?


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