Share Your Stories

Do you have a great story to share of a time when you provided backup for somebody (whether or not you had a ribbon)? Or somebody else giving you backup when you needed it? Let us know!

Best story we heard: From Dragon*Con 2011 — a woman in a mobility scooter was having difficulty getting through a crowded hallway to the elevators in her hotel. People were starting to shove into her and rock her scooter.

Suddenly, a group of four Klingons appeared, formed a circle around her scooter and, in true Klingon fashion, gently persuaded other people to clear a path so she could get to the elevator. Klingons got your back, indeed!

What’s your story?



6 Responses to Share Your Stories

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  2. Amanda says:

    I was at a party in Gencon. It was in dark room. While i was there, a guy attacked me from behind and tried to sexually assualt me. I told him no twice and he wouldnt stop. Part me snapped, and I used my aikido to break free and then I punched him in the nuts while shouting “YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!” My friend Matt heard me yelling from across the room and gently guided me out of the room and to a safe place.

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  4. Stout says:

    This happened long before I ever heard of the Backup Project, and I’m real pleased to see other Fans and Geeks doing the same.

    I’m part of a global LARP club, we have conventions a few times a year. Back in 2009, we had our big, global blow out convention in my city. It was the last night of the con, and my buddy “The Scot” (nicknamed so because he flew in from Scotland), were wandering around, having a few drinks, and drifting from party to party. The Scot and I are both well known, if not by face, then by reputation.

    We headed up to a room party, and when we walked in, a young gal I knew was nearly passed out on a couch. She’d drank a bit, and was still in her costume (which involved a bit of lingerie and a lot of skin).

    Around her were four or five guys, with drinks in one hand, and her in their others. At this stage, they were pawing, feeling, and petting her.

    Clearly, she wasn’t able to give any sort of well informed consent. I remarked to The Scot that “It looked like an afterschool special waiting to happen”, and he replied “I don’t get that reference, but I don’t gather it’s good…” (he’s Scottish, after all). He continued “II got your six, mate. Let’s end it.”

    So, I stepped up, and asked the gents to let her go, and informed them that she’d be taking a walk with The Scot and I. One of them asked who the f*ck I thought I was. So, I told them, and introduced them to The Scot. They nodded, and let go of her.

    The Scot and I helped her up, and walked her out, We spent the next few hours giving her water, hanging out.

    When she sobered up, she didn’t know what had happened. She thanked us for our help, and gave us each a kiss on the cheek.

  5. omgrey says:

    A prominent steampunk musician sexually assaulted me after the SPWF 2011. Since, I’ve heard many stories of rape, assault, and sexual harassment in our community…in all communities. In an effort to stop secondary trauma to the victim of sexualized violence by their communities not believing them or, worse, embracing and protecting the accused, we started The Order of the White Feather. It’s similar to what you’re doing here, as well as what Sffragette is doing.

    Below is a something that happened recently in a Steampunk community. The author of this piece stood up to the misogynistic talk and didn’t back down, despite the aggression shown her.

    So glad we have allies in this important effort.

    May you find peace.

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